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Student's Book with ActiveBook

- Chatroom double-page in each unit where students focus on an area of functional language in context and are given controlled and freer practice.
- Special CLIL pages covering different areas of the curriculum and related to the topic of the unit as well as Real world profile pages centred extensively on Citizenship and global awareness.

- Culture and Festival pages and an innovative Brain Trainer sectiondesigned to appeal to multiple intelligences and different learner types
Contents Unit 5 Grammar Reference


- Contains an extensive full-colour reference section covering Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking, Pronunciation and Self Evaluation.

- Ideal for mixed-ability groups as activities are classified with one, two or three stars according to their level of difficulty.

- Additional Brain Trainer activities that encourage student autonomy through tips related to the activities on the page and a focus on study skills.

First Unit Grammar reference Brain Trainer

Book: The Olympic Promise
(with CD-ROM and Teacher’s Notes) 

- Next Move includes a carefully selected reader to engage students’ interests and to extend their language practice.

- The Olympic Promise can be used specially in the classroom thanks to the integrated activities designed to develop reading skills and consolidate vocabulary and project work.

- There are two important things in young Nelson's life - running and his Granny Sarah. Trainer Ken wants Nelson to be a famous runner. Can Nelson run for his country at the Olympic Games? And does he remember his promise to his grandmother?

Acrivity worksheets Teacher’s Notes


Activity Book

- A complete and interactive digital version of the coursebook that provides the rich multimedia experience students today expect to accompany their language learning programme.

- Easy navigation of the Students’ Book pages with interactive activities and automatic correction, audio recordings, video, games, a grammar reference section and a dictionary.

- all there for your students to personalise their learning.

- Assessment activities and tests with gradebook that records the students’ marks allowing them to monitor their progress.

Unit 1 Demo

Metas Curriculares de Inglês, Ensino Básico: 2.º e 3.º Ciclos

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