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APPI National Conference
Lisboa | ISCTE  30 April  1 – 2 May 2015

Don’t miss our Pearson talks at the 2015 APPI National Conference!

Extra Extra! Teenagers can communicate in English
Communicating is one of the 4 C’s of the 21st century learning skills.​How can we get teenagers to speak in English? Does speaking equal communication? Is it really possible to assess speaking? In this workshop we will present motivating, varied and real world tasks which can engage our students to take and active role in producing a real and meaningful use of the language. We will also look at the different strategies that teachers can apply for making the speaking skill an assessable learning outcome.

Brian Engquist, Teacher Training. Pearson

Pearson presents… Next Move for 9th grade.

Pearson’s engaging 3rd cycle course goes from strength to strength with a great new brand
level for 9th grade in line with the new Metas Curriculares. Come and see for yourselves what
it can offer YOU!

Paulo Borges and Sheila Correia , Pearson’s Portuguese team

Metas Curriculares de Inglês, Ensino Básico: 2.º e 3.º Ciclos

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