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Classes needing up-to-date themes showcasing great role models and integrated cross-curricula material, Next Move 8º progresses students quickly, offering a straight-forward two-page per lesson approach supporting the modern classroom environment and the varied interests and abilities of teenagers today. Following a path of 21st century learning, the carefully structured, multi-level approach inspires you to reach new heights, fully prepared for your NEXT MOVE!

• Whit complete digital Student book and Workbook!
• Adapted to the Metas Curriculares for 2014/15.
• Extra writing contents in the teacher’s resource file.
• New section in the teacher’s resource files with KET and PET real exams.
• Learning will be much easier and a more enjoyable experience thanks to the solid and balanced mixed ability approach that helps teachers cater for different learning styles.
• The clear methodology and structure along with the real culture and citizenship connections makes learning English enjoyable and achievable.
Cross-curricular contents expand knowledge and transferable skills across the curriculum and exciting real life contexts ensure that all students communicate effectively.
• The rich combination of online and offline digital teaching tools creates an environment that is fun, fast-moving and motivating for students.

Metas Curriculares de Inglês, Ensino Básico: 2.º e 3.º Ciclos
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